Taste Better Feel Lighter

The secret ledger of Biryani’s intricate cooking art rediscovered by a Chartered Accountant (CA)!!! Our Founder CA. Tapas Kumar Sahoo, a CA by profession and culinary explorer by passion, delved into the accounts of long history of Biryani to come up with this Scrumptious treat. His knack for balance and perfection in balance-sheets has churned out perfect blend of taste and aroma to satisfy palates of food connoisseurs. His signature varieties of mouth-watering Scrumptious Biryani will surprise you with extraordinary accounts of flavours. We debit ultimate passion for food, culinary skill and exotic ingredients to credit best tastes to your palate.

Hygiene & Healthy

With Scrumptious Biryani, you can be extra sure about standards and precautions regarding hygiene. To ensure almost zero contact with pathogens, we strictly adhere to all means of sanitation and disinfect our premises at regular intervals. Be sure, our kitchen uses only RO Purified water for even ingredient and vessel washing. Our Biryani passes through periodic lab tests to provide best nutritional content in most hygienic platter. With Scrumptious Biryani you don’t bloat with oily fat, but float light on wings of taste. Our Biryani’s taste lingers in mouth rather than the oily residue. A plate of our Biryani contains astonishingly least amount of oil as possible.

Exotic Ingredients & Regal Taste

Carefully chosen aromatic long grain Basmati rice and array of exotic spices is the identity of our Biryani. Taste buds of kids to aged find it hard to resist its call to savour. It is embellished with flavours so regal that everything else comes to standstill. Our potpourri of elegant ingredients will lift your day in most majestic way.

Responsible Convenience

Our Biryani platter reaches you in a never before eco- friendly, sustainable ‘ready to eat & serve’ microwaveable packaging. It will tempt you for a love at first sight. Be it a party or intimate candle light dinner at home, no need to search for plates, spoons, forks, salt or mouth-freshener. Our packaged Biryani provides it all, in an elegant bundle. It can be savoured straight from the box. It takes you on a smooth instant flight into the realm of Scrumptious flavours without any hiccups. You are saved from drudgery of dish-washing after this Scrumptious meal. Our almost zero-plastic packaging makes you stand with us for the care of environment. Last but not the least; our package also includes hand sanitising wipes. Our eco-friendly ready to serve packaging with hand sanitising wipes is a small but great step towards conservation of precious water.